Calendar of Events 2018

Mar 25 (Sun)


Palm/Passion Sunday
  June 17 (Sun) 

UCA Anniversary Service

Parish Luncheon 

Mar 29 (Thur) 

Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Service 6pm 

Northbridge Vestry 

Mar 30 (Fri) 

Good Friday Service 9am


Apr 1 (Sun) 

Easter Sunday Service

Castlecrag 8:30am, Northbridge 10:15am

Apr 3 (Tue) Elders Meeting 12:30pm       
May 2 (Wed)

Inter-Church Council 7:45 pm




May 20 (Sun) 

Pentecost Sunday 

May 20 (Sun) 

Ecumenical Petecost Service

@ St Mark's Anglican Church noon 

Dec 25 (Tue)

Christmas Services

Castlecrag 8am. Northbridge 9am









                                                               * see notice board for details   + details to follow