Mission Statement

Journey with God Transforming the World

We, the people of the Northbridge-Castlecrag Uniting Church, are called to be the fellowship of Christ's people, created, and sustained by God, for mission in the power of the Holy Spirit.
To fulfil the Vision Statement set before our Parish we will seek to accomplish the following goals in the year 2009-2014. 
1.   To speak and act within the wider community. 
The church is becoming marginalised in our society, losing its traditional roles for the wider community.  It must reaffirm the good and true, denounce injustice and oppression and, with compassion, care for people in their need.  To this goal, our Parish can work together with other local Churches to 'transform communities'.
2.   To support one another through individual pastoral care in Christ.
All members should exercise their unique gifts given by God for the fulfilment of particular functions in the life of the church.  In ordering the church life and its members' different gifts in obedience to God, the church recognises that God always deals personally with people.  Practical care for one another in times of need is vital to bind church members together in Christ.
3.   To study the Bible and be prepared to proclaim the Word. 
The Bible has a special place as the source of challenge and nourishment to Christians, as the main source of the church's preaching, and as authority and guidance for living.  All members are urged to study the Bible and prayerfully meditate on the lectionary readings for the Sunday worship service. 
4.   To assist all people, young and old, to enter into a more faithful relationship with God through worship services. 
On Sunday morning in our Parish there are two worship services, Castlecrag's 8:30 AM and Northbridge's 10:15 AM.  We should create a community of worship service that radically rearranges the life of the Parish and its members to be Christ-centred.