About Us


Church Council

Sean McSharry (Chairperson) 9958 2765
Carol Mason(Secretary) 9958 8444
Simon Carey (Property Chairperson) 9967 2132
John Graham
Sarnie Hay
Lorna Fitzsimons
Antoinette McSharry

Elders Meeting

Lorna Fitzsimons (Chairperson)
David Robertson
Antoinette McSharry
Otto Patterson
Margaret West
Ann Thomas

Worshipping Places

Northbridge Congregation: Gunyah St Northbridge, 10:15 am worship on Sunday
(the Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month)

Useful Links

Sydney North Presbytery: http://sydneynorth.nsw.uca.org.au/
Synod of New South Wales and the ACT: http://nsw.uca.org.au/
National Council of Churches in Australia: http://www.ncca.org.au/
Christian Conference of Asia: http://www.cca.org.hk/
World Council of Churches: http://www.oikoumene.org/en/home.html